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The CurrencyFair FX Guide for Business: Australia Edition

Whether you are paying overseas suppliers, contractors or staff in their local currency or receiving payments for goods or services sold overseas, our comprehensive guide will help you make informed business decisions as you navigate the world of foreign exchange and international payments.

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What's included?

Download the latest update of our perennially popular money transfer comparison - with a specific Aussie flavour. In 2020, companies with less than 20 employees made up 97.4% of all businesses in Australia. Our guide is designed to inform and educate CEOs, CFOs and other business leaders when it comes to FX strategy.


The Australian edition of our FX Guide for Business includes:

  • A must-read FX checklist so that you can limit potential risks and build a FX strategy that suits your business. 
  • Objective, in-depth overviews of 13 money transfer providers - from established players to new alternatives.
  • A brief history of FX to give you an understanding of the forces that have shaped our relationship with currencies.
  • An insightful foreign exchange glossary.
  • And much more...