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A CurrencyFair Guide to Proptech Investors and Trends

While Covid-19 has ravaged other industries, it has created opportunities for the property technology sector. As remote working heralds a shift in the use of office space and people move away from city centres to live and work, proptech could provide solutions. However, start-ups and growing businesses in the proptech sector will need the funding to turn their visions into reality.

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What's included?

In this guide, we take an in-depth look at where investment in the proptech industry is coming from and, how the funds will focus on bringing new technologies and applications to life. The guide also provides a host of valuable insights for proptechs looking for investors to meet their funding needs.


Our guide includes:

  • An overview of the main players in the US proptech market.
  • An insight into who is investing and what they are looking for in proptech companies.
  • An examination of key European proptech investors and trends.
  • An analysis of the important technologies that are facilitating the rapid growth of this industry.