Google Employee Benefit

  • 20% discount on exchange margins
  • Free transfers on all transactions
  • Dedicated customer support for Googlers

Easy to use

Send and receive money to and from 150+ countries in 20+ currencies.

Fast transfers

Fast, reliable transfers

Get same-day transfers on most major currencies.

Secure and regulated

Trusted & secure

Fully licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Access Great Rates

What are your benefits?

We've partnered with Google to provide Googlers with:

  • A 20% discount on our standard rate margins (standard rate margin average 0.45%, discounted to 0.35%). Banks typically charge 3-6% per transaction, meaning you make significant savings with CurrencyFair.
  • All your transfers with CurrencyFair will be completely fee free.
  • Refer a friend and you could both receive €50.*

How to access your employee benefits

Accessing benefits as a Google employee is easy,  begin your sign-up journey using the form on the right and you will be redirected to continue creating your Google employee account on our platform.


By signing up with your Google employee email, your account will automatically have access to these employee benefits.**

Don't just take our word for it

What can you use CurrencyFair for?

For big life moments such as selling your vested shares or buying property overseas, to the moments that matter most like sending money to family abroad - CurrencyFair has you covered.

Receiving proceeds from selling shares

Our competitive exchange rates means more money in your pocket after selling shares. Some CurrencyFair customers have consistently transferred the proceeds from their sold shares every month since opening an account. One example is a customer who over the course of a year transferred US$2,032,965 to GBP with us and saved US$54,074 when compared to exchanging at the bank. 

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Other ways to save with CurrencyFair

Discover others ways CurrencyFair can help you save, or check out our live conversion rates here to see how much you can save.


Buy overseas property

Make property purchase a hassle-free success.

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Receive overseas pension

During your retirement abroad, transfer money easily and cheaply.

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Overseas money transfers

Avoid excessive bank fees every month when sending money home.

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Pay overseas tax

Save on conversion fees when filing your overseas tax return.

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Get the CurrencyFair advantage today

Access bank-beating FX rates, low-cost international transfers and first-class customer support.

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Terms and conditions

*Referral rewards are issued to both parties when a new customer referred via a valid referral code or link carries out a single trade and transfer out using CurrencyFair. The amount required to qualify for referral reward is €2,000 minimum (or the equivalent in the relevant currency) at the time of a transfer out. Customers must be fully verified and activated before any rewards are issued. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other New Customer offer. We reserve the right to revoke rewards if we deem that there has been inappropriate use of the program. You may not create more than one account in order to invite yourself; invite others that have created duplicate accounts; use the Referral Program in any way that breaches any applicable law or regulation; or any way that is unlawful or fraudulent. For more details please see our terms and conditions page.


**Google Employee Rates fall under CurrencyFair's Smart Rates General Condition. Smart Rates provided by CurrencyFair may be based upon (or include) pre-determined exchange rate margins for tiered levels of: liquidity, volume, maturity, currency pair or other relevant factors, with each relevant tier having a corresponding margin. If you or your business is provided with Smart Rates as in a reduction of the standard CurrencyFair exchange rate specific details shall be set out and provided to you. You are required to acknowledge at sign-up that the application of the reduction of the standard CurrencyFair exchange rate is based on you or your business undertaking consolidated volume foreign exchange transactions in a Calendar Year or other such specified period of time or you or your business meets other eligibility criteria. CurrencyFair reserves the absolute right to withdraw your assigned Smart Rates and restore your foreign exchange transactions to the standard CurrencyFair exchange rate at any time during the agreed period.